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Adwords is Google's advertising program and is often the quickest and most cost effective way to get more potential customers on to your website. The Adwords adverts normally show in the top 3 positions in Google, as well as down the right hand side. They also show on other search engines such as AOL and Sky (where at the time of writing the top 7 results are Adwords adverts). As well as advertising in the search results, Google Adwords also allows you show adverts on other websites who are part of Google's advertising network, these include a wide range of popular sites such as YouTube.


The reason this type of advertising can be so effective, is that it allows your business to specifically target people who are actively searching for your product or service at that moment in time. The pay-per-click model meas you only pay when someone is interested enough in your advert to click and visit your website.

Another factor which sets this type of advertising aside from other more traditional forms of advertising is the ease with which you can track results. Linking your Adwords account to your Google Analytics allows you to see not only conversion rates & cost per lead or sale but how the people visiting your website are engaging with it.

At Terranova we have lots of experience in successfully setting up and managing Adwords campaigns for our clients. All of our campaigns are set up and managed personally by Terranova's founder and owner Mike Tierney, a qualified Adwords professional. Having worked with Adwords for the past 5 years, we have found it works well to generate leads and new business in most instances.

We are also members of Google's Engage network and as such have access to all Google's latest offers for new advertisers. The currently available offers are (only 1 offer can be used per business):

  • £75 free Adwords credit when you spend your first £25
  • £100 free Adwords credit when you spend your first £50
  • Google will match your 1st month's spend with free Adwords credit up to a maximum of £200

Setting up Adwords for our clients

At Terranova we can set up a highly targeted Adwords campaign on behalf of our clients. We can also ensure it's tracked properly through both the Adwords dashboard and Google analytics. We'll discuss your requirements and what you're aiming to achieve before setting up your campaign then continue to provide feedback and improve the campaign as it runs and gathers data.

As each campaign is different and involves a different amount of work we don't have a set fee for setting up an Adwords campaign. Instead we charge by the hour for our work. Generally speaking the more different products or services you want to advertise the more work is involved to set it up well. Once we've spoken to you for an free initial consultation, we'll provide you with a quote so you know exactly what you'll be paying us before we start. For customers who haven't used Adwords before and want to trial it using one of Google's offers above, we will also give a reduced rate to set the campaign up and manage it during the trial.

As well as setting up Adwords search campaigns we can also work on Display campaigns, including providing artwork and/or videos if required. We can also set up remarketing campaigns so you can show adverts specifically to people who have already been on your website.

Adwords Management

We also manage Adwords campaigns on an ongoing basis for our customers. Significant improvements in cost per lead or sale can often be achieved over time using the data gathered by Adwords and Google analytics.

Again we prefer to charge by the hour for the work involved rather than as a percentage of your Adwords budget or spend as we believe this can lead to a conflict of interests.

Whether you are thinking about trying Adwords for the first time, or you're already using and are looking to improve your results, get in touch with us now so we can discuss your requirements.

What our customers say

"Mike provides a fully professional, hands-on approach to developing our website. He relaunched our website in 2007 and we had immediate results in good feeds which are creating real fee income. Mike and Terranova are a pleasure to do business with."

Adrian Berkeley
Berkley Solicitors

"Mike made my website 4 years ago and I have received many positive comments on how easy the site is to use and how good it looks compared to my competitors. The website has developed with my business and continues to generate 75 - 85% of my new business."

Steve Coackley
Peak Tours

"The website Terranova made for me has been very successful in generating a large number of enquiries for my business. I regularly get positive feedback from my customers who find the website very informative and easy to navigate. When creating the site I found Mike helpful and knowledgeable, and his continued support and involvement with the site has been invaluable. I can fully recommend Terranova's services to anyone thinking of starting a business."

Rob Kidd
Arundel Landscapes
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