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Internet marketing consultancy service

Do you have a website that's underperforming? Spending money on internet marketing and not happy with the results you're getting? Let us look at what your doing and advice you on where you need to improve to get a better return.

We have lots of experience working with small businesses in different markets and helping them make the most of their marketing budget.

Maybe your website's looked after by an outside agency and you want a knowledgeable second opinion to ensure your getting value for money. Or perhaps your website's looked after internally but your employees don't have specialised knowledge in this field. We can work with your employees to show them what needs to be done and make sure their efforts are targeted in the right areas.

Whether you want us to look at your internet marketing as a whole or a specific area such as your Adwords, we are happy to work with you and give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience to show you how to improve your results.

We can advice on the following areas:

internet marketing consultancy
  • Website design and development - is your website user friendly, does it portray the image you want, is it focused on achieving the results you need, what can be done to improve.
  • Using Google analytics website tracking software to improve conversion rates and return on investment.
  • Website search engine visibility - is your site search engine friendly, targeted at the right search terms, where are you currently in the search engines, what do you need to do to improve.
  • PPC campaigns - are your campaigns set up and optimised correctly to maximise your return on investment

Contact us now and take the first step to improving your performance, the initial consultation is free.

What our customers say

"Mike provides a fully professional, hands-on approach to developing our website. He relaunched our website in 2007 and we had immediate results in good feeds which are creating real fee income. Mike and Terranova are a pleasure to do business with."

Adrian Berkeley
Berkley Solicitors

"Mike made my website 4 years ago and I have received many positive comments on how easy the site is to use and how good it looks compared to my competitors. The website has developed with my business and continues to generate 75 - 85% of my new business."

Steve Coackley
Peak Tours
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