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Local Search

Often businesses only serve customers in a specific local geographic area. Tradesmen usually fall into this category, as well as businesses with a high street location including restaurants, solicitors, accountants and other service providers. Everyone knows the internet is global, so is it possible for these local businesses to use the internet effectively for marketing? Any advertising shown to people outside the geographic area served by the business would be a waste of money so can you ensure that a businesses marketing budget is correctly targeting potential customers?

local search

The short answer to these questions is yes. There are several tools available to allow businesses to target customers in a specific local area, and Terranova can help your business use these tools effectively. Increasingly the search engines such as Google, are able to tell where someone using their search engine is physically located. They do this in several ways such as by looking at the IP address of the user or if they're searching using a mobile connection they can look at where the mast is that is transmitting the signal the phone is connected to. They can even (subject to a users agreement) use the GPS functions of smart phones so they know exactly where the phone is.

Google Places for Business

This is Google's local business directory and allows you to give details about your business including address, the area you serve, contact details, the products and/or services you offer, opening times as well as any other details you feel are important. This information is then used by Google in their search results when people are searching for something on Google in your local area.

Places for business is free to use and is quick and easy to set up, you'll probably find you can set it yourself without too much trouble, but if you do need any help or advice feel free to get in touch so we can help.

Ensuring your website is set up correctly to appear in local search results

If you're targeting a specific local area it's important you mention the area on your website. Always ensure you include your business address on the site, consider putting it in the footer so it's on every page of the site. Also it's important to realise that the search engines work by matching text between a customers search and the text on a page so if you want to come up for searches including a particular town or city, make sure you use the name those towns or cities in the text of your website.

Using Adwords to target a local area

Geographical targeting has been a feature of Adwords for a long time. You can choose to target specific towns & cities or target a radius from a given point (e.g. 10 miles around postcode). For more details on how Terranova can help you make the most our of Adwords, and information on our special offers available to businesses who haven't used Adwords before, visit our Adwords page here.


Facebook can also be used to target people geographically. Similar to Google Adwords you can target people in particular towns and cities and within a defined distance. Get in touch with us if you'd like us to set up manage a Facebook advertising campaign.

What our customers say

"Mike provides a fully professional, hands-on approach to developing our website. He relaunched our website in 2007 and we had immediate results in good feeds which are creating real fee income. Mike and Terranova are a pleasure to do business with."

Adrian Berkeley
Berkley Solicitors

"Mike made my website 4 years ago and I have received many positive comments on how easy the site is to use and how good it looks compared to my competitors. The website has developed with my business and continues to generate 75 - 85% of my new business."

Steve Coackley
Peak Tours
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